HTML5 Example Banners

A few examples of how html5 banners could be done, and how too book them.



Implement the Adserving click macro

Adserving requires that all third-party ad tags that host and serve creatives permit Adserving to dynamically generate a unique click URL and pass it through the ad tag upon each ad request. If a user clicks on the ad, the third-party vendor will make an HTTP request to the Adserving click URL from the user's browser in order for Adserving to be able to track clicks on the ad.

Here's a sample of a HTML tag with the Adserving clickmacro:

resulting in:

Here the clickTAG is {{selected.clickTAG}}

To ensure that clicks are counted the developer must prefix all clickurls with the value of the parameter clickTAG.

This means that if the parameter contains the value

then the urls in the banner changes like this: = > {{selected.clickTAG}} = > {{selected.clickTAG}}